The Cleantech Patent Growth Plateau with Two Consumer-Driven Bright Spots: EVs and Smart Homes

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The Cleantech Patent Growth Plateau with
Two Bright Spots: EVs and Smart Homes

According to research conducted by Kilpatrick Townsend and IPWatchdog, the last decade saw domestic cleantech patent filings growth of over 20% after a peak, followed by a multi-year falling trend (see graph below). The prior federal administration provided easy loans under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to help businesses after the Great Recession. All loan funds were distributed in late 2011, which corresponds with the cleantech patent growth plateau. However, the patent trends show two bright spots. Importantly, where consumers can directly support cleantech innovation with their purchases, they are. In large purchases, consumers are moving toward electric vehicles and smart/green homes. 

U.S. Patent Filings (All data from Kilpatrick Townsend and IPWatchdog article, link below. All graphics also from article.)

Clean Energy saw the steepest rise and subsequent fall finishing the decade where it started. Beyond the government stimulus disappearing, hydrocarbon prices also fell to undermine clean energy business models.

Despite the trend of declining cleantech domestic patents, there were bright spots in large consumer purchases such as electric vehicles and smart/green homes.

See original cited article "Patent Trends Study Part Eleven: Cleantech Industry."

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