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Southeast and South Central Regions Announce Global Forum Finalists

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On October 23-24, 2017, the annual Cleantech Open South Central Innovation Showcase was hosted by TREIA Grid Next Conference at the Sheraton in Georgetown, TX, where two teams were selected to be Finalists in the upcoming Global Forum. Congrats to Inovues and Yotta Solar!

South Central Region Winners


Summary: Inovues is developing the first external window upgrade system, which not only improves the insulation and energy efficiency but also enhances the appearance and durability of existing buildings, unlike any interior solution. For a fraction of the cost of window replacement, we offer building owners the only exterior option to upgrade the inefficient single- or double-pane glass facades and windows to high-performing double- or triple-pane systems without requiring any replacement or causing business disruption.

Yotta Solar

Summary: Yotta Solar’s goal is to accelerate the adoption of solar+storage by providing an industry first: a micro-storage product that simplifies the addition of batteries to solar PV systems. Our solution, SolarLEAF™, will reduce the overall design and installation cost, simplify deployment, and effortlessly scale energy storage to suit a variety of applications from telecom to commercial markets. 

On October 25, 2017, the annual Cleantech Open Southeast Innovation Showcase was hosted by Thompson Hine at the Verve in Atlanta, GA, where two teams were selected to be Finalists in the upcoming Global Forum. Congrats to Prosumergrid and ECT Services and Solutions, Inc.!

Southeast Region Winners


Summary: ProsumerGrid is an award-winning startup company with the vision to optimize the distributed energy resources (DERs) in order to achieve the objectives of ultra-reliability, economic optimization, and sustainability. We are developing a software platform that allows electric utilities to optimally plan & dispatch DERs including: solar systems, energy storage systems, electric vehicles, and demand response devices.

ECT Services and Solutions, Inc.

Summary: ECT's HCC -HydroCatalytic Converter technology is doing for clean water what the catalytic converter did for clean air. Just like that breakthrough revolutionized the automobile industry in the 1970's - containing cost and improving environmental quality, ECT's HCC systems are doing the same for water. Our technology spans water remediation and cleanup for the oil & gas, mining and geothermal industries; harvesting technologies for algae toxin removal; and environmental design & geo-engineering.

SAVE THE DATE - Global Forum
The Global Forum for the 2017 CTO cohort will be in Los Angeles January 28th-30th.  There will be opportunities for ALL teams to participate in the various components of the programming.  So even if you do get selected as a regional winner please plan on attending.  We will have opportunities for meeting investors, showcasing your company, and other great programming.  

More details will be following soon!

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