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Cleantech Open Midwest is pleased to announce the Global Forum Competition finalists for the 2017 Cleantech Open Midwest Region Awards & Innovation Showcase. On Nov. 2nd-3rd, 2017, the award ceremony hosted by the Schulze School of Entrepreneurship at the University of St Thomas in Minneapolis was the culmination of the CTO-MW annual acceleration program for early-stage cleantech companies. Finalists advance to Cleantech Open’s Global Forum to be held January 28-30, 2018, in downtown Los Angeles.

SAVE THE DATE - Global Forum 2017, Los Angeles, CA, January 28-30, 2018

Midwest Region Winners

First Place Winner

Switched Source is determined to improve the last mile of electricity delivery, enabling the grid to support more distributed renewable generation, while making the distribution system more reliable and efficient. We provide a new type of equipment for utilities to better leverage their existing distribution infrastructure to address the most common issues that affect efficiency and reliability of the grid. Our solution is the Tie Controller, a modular, power-electronics device capable of linking disparate parts of the grid, the first of its kind shown to comprehensively manage power flow and voltage stabilization to address costly utilization and reliability issues. The suite of underlying technology further addresses gaps associated with old infrastructure by allowing distribution operators to tie renewable energy sources into existing grid networks.

Second Place Winner

Activated Research Company

Renewable fuels are a necessary part of our clean energy future. Unfortunately, the development of next generation biofuels and products is impeded by the chemical complexity of their compositions and the difficulties in analyzing them. The award-winning Polyarc system is a new tool for analyzing the composition of organic molecules that enables scientists around the world to develop new fuels with greater accuracy and speed, yet at a lower cost. In addition, the technology has several applications for the improved analysis of pharmaceuticals, foods, chemical feedstocks, forensics and more.

Third Place Winner


Emergy Labs grows advanced porous carbon materials using a fungus - finding applications in filtration, catalysis, and energy storage. The bottom-up approach for producing a nano-structured feedstock is unique in the porous carbon industry resulting in production of sustainable materials with over 100% increase in performance and 25% decrease in cost than competitors. Emergy’s bio-manufacturing process improves process line efficiencies, reduces energy requirements, and achieves greater control over the final material produced.

Honorable Mentions

Accelerate Wind is an IP and technology development company creating a novel rooftop wind energy solution- one that operates quieter, cheaper, and more aesthetically pleasing than today's solutions.

Human Lift - The custom lift is designed to enable safer and more efficient work on inclined surfaces like the roofs of residential homes. The system allows for installing roof-mounted equipment like Solar PV systems and roof insulation upgrades without walking on or damaging roofing materials. The design compiles both OSHA standards and relevant safety requirements. The innovation dramatically reduces the time required to install equipment and is a leap forward for installation financial performance.

RWEDI Solutions, INC. is commercializing the RWEDI Water system. RWEDI Water, a water purification technology, will provide huge economic and environmental savings for facility managers at mid-sized institutions in Southwestern US. Our system offers a 25% reduction in cooling tower operating costs by decreasing makeup water use by 20%, decreasing chemical use by 40%, and reducing maintenance costs. Our system is easy to retrofit into existing cooling towers and has a modular design to scale.

Sustainable Innovation


Elinor Coatings creates safer, longer-lasting coatings to protect aluminum, magnesium and bronze by combining novel engineering and chemistry. With expertise in specialty metals and corrosion, and extensive backgrounds in coatings and nanotechnology, we look at every problem as an opportunity to introduce cleaner technology that's better for the environment, for applicators, for manufacturers and for users. Our outstanding chromium-free innovations have proven performance.

SAVE THE DATE - Global Forum
The Global Forum for the 2017 CTO cohort will be in Los Angeles January 28th-30th.  There will be opportunities for ALL teams to participate in the various components of the programming.  So even if you do get selected as a regional winner please plan on attending.  We will have opportunities for meeting investors, showcasing your company, and other great programming.  

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