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Innovative Startups Address Pressing Energy and Environmental Challenges

Posted by Annie Patyk and Lauren Skirball on

Solutions in waste to power, waste heat reduction, and flex energy storage, featuring 2018 Cleantech Open Alumni AestusHeat Inverse, and Gridpsan Technologies.  


We live our everyday lives with energy: turning on light switches, warming our homes, or riding the elevator up to the office at work. The threat of climate change has altered our ability to remain ignorant of the source of our energy, as it has become pivotal in the determination of our planet’s health. 

Cleantech Open supports startups in their mission to innovate sustainably and disrupt the...

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Cleantech Open Northeast Innovation Spotlight: Agriculture & Food Security

Posted by Annie Patyk on

This article features the following 2018 Cleantech Open Northeast Graduates: Haystack, OysterTracker, Capro-X, Foodspace, and GreenChoice


When it comes to our food system, we are entering a time marked by expansive change. We need more food, water, arable land, and money if we are going to accommodate the earth’s growing population and subsequent demand for calories. The majority of modeling studies agree that climate change impacts on crop yields will be negative from the 2030s onward. According to the FAO, food production will have to increase by 60 percent...
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Cleantech Open Northeast Welcomes 30 Cleantech Startups to Participate in the 2018 Cleantech Open Accelerator

Posted by Beth Zonis on

Emphasis on agriculture, water & waste, and information & communications technology, with a class of 30 companies, plus 6 CDP teams from across the Northeast.

Boston, MA -- June 11, 2018 -- Cleantech Open Northeast, the Northeast region of the world’s oldest and largest cleantech accelerator program, today announced its 2018 class of 30 startups developing clean technology solutions related to energy, agriculture, water, waste management, advanced materials, and more. Here is a full list of companies participating in the 2018 Cleantech Open Northeast...

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  • By Beth Zonis on in Northeast